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We provide a total solution for corporations to increase process efficiency and improve product quality, improve enterprise-wide communication and decision-making, demonstrate compliance with customers and regulatory product quality requirements, automate data collection, and understand and improve process operations.

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With more than 50,000 licenses shipped to over 5,000 companies worldwide, our suite of software tools is widely reconnized for its power, flexibility, ease-of-use.

The industries in which we have helped customers effectively manage and improve their processes include:

Aerospace; Appliances; Automotive; Bulk chemicals; Bulk materials; Electronics;Food Processing; Life sciences; Machining; Packaging; Petrochemicals; Plastics and rubber; Primary metals; Pulp and paper; Specialty chemicals; Testing laboratories.




Manufacturers in almost every industry use SPC software to help improve their bottom line. Our industry-leading SPC tools offer practical, easy-to-implement solutions to achieve your quality improvement initiatives.

We develop our suite of quality solution software by focusing on:

  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Easy integration with manufacturing databases
  • Rapid automation of routine tasks
  • Fast generation of ready-to-use charts

As a result, the well-documented benefits of SPC are provided to more people, sooner and with fewer IT requirements.


With the suite of industry-leading quality management solutions, we make things easy and different.